Welcome to Learn About Finance, the premier online blog providing information about the science of finance! There are many misconceptions about what finance is and its relationship to other related subjects, such as economics. Founded by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (AKA “Dr. Finance®“), a former financial consultant and current university professor, Learn About Finance will help to eliminate these misconceptions and provide a foundation for anyone interested in learning about this field. Many of the subjects related to, or a part of, finance include accounting, behavioral finance, business, business law, corporate finance, economics, entrepreneurial finance, human resource management, insurance, investing, international finance, management, marketing, mathematics, personal finance, public finance, risk management, and statistics. The many topics in finance include assets, CAPM, capital, costs, currency, ethics, expenses, financial statements, fundamental analysis, investing, investments, liabilities, money, return, revenues, risk, saving, taxes, technical analysis, the agency problem, the efficient market hypothesis, the time value of money, wealth, and many more… Please feel free to post comments or participate in any discussions found within this blog. Thanks for visiting Learn About Finance!
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