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The Necessity of Finance (2013) by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV

The fundamental principles of finance have very simple origins and one can trace their roots to the beginning of human civilization. But as a subject, finance has evolved—particularly in the past fifty years—into an extremely complicated and potentially confusing form. The Necessity of Finance: An Overview of the Science of Management of Wealth for an Individual, a Group, or an Organization seeks to provide a comprehensive and concise orientation for those seeking a more understandable presentation of the complex nature of finance. Using everyday terms and readily grasped concepts, Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV, a former financial consultant and current university-level finance professor, sets out to detail the necessity of finance; to clarify the definition, purpose, and goals of both finance and economics; to explore financial concepts in a straightforward manner; and to stimulate interest and understanding that will lead to ongoing investigation.

Finance, although highly interrelated with many subjects, is a separate field of study that is often confused with other areas, most notably economics. With world wealth accumulating to its highest point in history, the necessity to understand this subject on its own terms is more crucial than ever. The Necessity of Finance highlights the need to engage with finance as a separate science, clears up the confusion with related subjects, and coins the word “financialists” to identify the scientists in this dynamic field.

Starting with a discussion about the need for finance, and moving forward to establish the definition, purpose, goals, and history of both finance and economics, presenting in the process the basic terminology necessary to understand these subjects, The Necessity of Finance will equip the beginner to intermediate level financial student with vital information and a clear approach for continued study. In addition, its unique perspective will be of value to the advanced student and the practitioner. Topics addressed include: What is the difference between money and wealth? What is the difference between investing and saving? What is risk and return? Major financial questions are also analyzed, including: What kinds of investments exist? What are the different techniques for selecting investments? What role does ethics play in finance?

Finance is not an easy subject for the average student. While The Necessity of Finance does not replace the need for required college textbooks, it will serve as an indispensible supplemental learning tool that may clarify expectations of future financial journeys, whether it’s learning in a university or actively investing in the marketplace. In this extremely useful overview, Dr. Criniti demonstrates that finance is a very promising science that will benefit those who commit themselves to its study and practice.

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The Necessity of Finance
The Necessity of Finance: An Overview of the
Science of Management of Wealth for an
Individual, a Group, or an Organization